Urban Garden Project

DigUCLA is a collaboration behind the expanding food growing & gardening program on campus that works to learn, educate, and engage with people through growing our own and bringing people into close proximity with food and medicinal gardens.

The leaders and volunteers of Dig unite at the garden for a variety of reasons. From considering the current food system and the differences between industrialized agriculture and small-scale organic farms to learning about the way foods grow and how it relates to our health, or evaluating the sustainability of grocery stores compared to local, community gardens to just getting outside to enjoy the physicality of gardening, there are a wide range of activities and projects Dig works on and a variety of ways to get involved. Whether it is a focus on flavor, environment, health, relaxation, or volunteerism, our vision is to build community through growing wherever we can and transforming the campus into a nourishing and medicinal landscape.

All students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome to lend a hand at any of the gardens on campus, participate in cultivating a local food system and simply enjoy the beautiful sunshine of Southern California!
Stay tuned with all Dig updates by searching for our Google Group and requesting to join: Dig: the campus garden coalition at UCLA.